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They Though It Was All Over... they were right!
by Jo Simpson
et al

Busines SOS Paul Avins

Jo had written a book with two colleagues about the mindset of the England football team during the 2006 World Cup which had lead them to failure. They had gone down the route of someone else who was assisting them with self publishing. The result was less than spectacular. There were many problems with the book, not least the design of the cover. The typography inside was poor as was the quality of the printing.

Jo really wanted the book to be of a high enough quality to do the book justice, after all the effort they had put in, and have it ready for the deadline it was written for: the 2010 World Cup.

I took the manuscript and began again with a new layout and idea for the cover which used the 2006 England World Cup shirt. We teamed up with Mindy Gibbons-Klein from Ecademy Press to publish and get the book out there.





Hear what Jo said about the process:

This book was an even bigger success than the first. It helped strengthen John’s approach to improvisation as a relevant creative tool for big business: you need to be able to think of your feet, accept change, stay positive and be able to perform well in the most stressful of situations.

The books we created help John to prove that his expertise is not only of interest to business, but actually essential. The brands position him as the most unique, definitive and most able expert to deliver those messages.

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