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There are many different and confusing alternatives for producing or publishing your book. Some companies charge a fee and take royalties, some say they will publish your book for free but will take rather high royalties for the entire life of your book.

Sunmakers is unique in two respects. We offer a bespoke service where the right method of production and publishing is put forward for your publication. But even more important than that, we put the branding and design of the book at the core of what we do for you: producing the right book at the best quality. We know that it is more important to get it right than to just 'knock out a book'. Not only will a better designed book potentially sell more, it will also increase your standing as an expert. Plus, producing a bad book is in many ways worse than not producing a book at all and could seriously damage your hard earned reputation.

These are the 7 stages to produce and publish a book:

By being in control of your publishing, you decide which stages you need to budget for and which ones you have under control already.

Design & Branding
This is the most underestimated part of created a book. We have the phrase 'don't judge a book by it's cover' because that's exactly what everyone does. That's way we concentrate on getting this bit perfect. We'll look at the best way to present your book from the shape, the cover, the way the insides are laid out and the typography and images used. This is not 'designing a cover' and 'laying out the text' that some companies offer. This is a well thought through creative process to create a look and feel for the entire book that becomes a brand in it's own right.
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We can go through the methods of production that will deliever you any number of books from one to thousands. We'll explain how print-on-demand works and set you book up with a simple ordering system so you can order any number of books yourself, or have your clients order them and the system deliver them direct. Or, we can explain bulk printing and storage and the different processes and finishes involved to get you the best book possible within your budget.
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The differences between traditional publishing and Sunmakers:

Traditional publishing
Is not interested in your book unless you are a celebrity or have already a proven track record of selling 1000s of books.
Is interested in helping your expertise shine and will work with you to develop your book.
May pay you an advance, but no further payments will come from sales of your book until they have made back the money they paid you from the sale of the book.
Is like any other supplier who you pay to do a job.
Will hire a freelance designer or have a low-paid in-house artworker to design the cover and layout the text at the lowest cost possible to maximise profits.
Has creative director level branding and design expertise working on branding and designing the book
Will take 12 weeks to read your manuscript, if they even bother. If accepted the time before you have a book in your hand will likely be 12 to 18 months. A lot may have changed in your field by then and you will have lost 18 months of sales and kudos. Depending on the book, a finished article could be in your hands within a few weeks, although a couple of months is about average
You hand over control and ownership of the book and have no say in its design or diection. We work with you to get you exactly what will work best for you. You surrender nothing.

The differences between most self-publishing companies and Sunmakers:

Self-publishing company
Is not interested in design. (Just look at most 'self-published' books for the proof.)
Realise that a books design is key to not only getting people to pick it up and buy it but also makes it easy to read.
Has no concept of branding.
Are branding experts.
Will publish any old book whether it's good or not and will offer little or no advice on how to make it work best for you.
Will work with you to present your expertise in the best way possible. If one route or idea is not working, we'll suggest changes to make so that the eventual product does work. If you have expertise, we'll make it shine.
Offer low budget prices for a low budget service which could end up having you waste your time and money if something goes wrong.
Are experts who offer their expertise at a market rate: just like you do.

The difference between getting a jobbing designer to design your book and Sunmakers:

Jobbing designer
Is not a specialist in books and what designs work for traget markets.
Specialises in book design.
Does not have experience of being an expert speaker, trainer, consultant or coach.
Ayd Instone, creative director is a speaker, trainer, consultant and coach.
Is not nessesarily a typography designer. The laying out of text is a particular skill that not all designers understand.
Are experts in typography.
Doesn't nessesarily have experience of the technical aspects of preparing designs for book production.
Ayd Instone has dozens of books in a variety of methods of production since 1995.
Is unlikely to be a branding expert.
Puts branding at the centre of the design process. Ayd Instone has designed over 200 brands.

Sunmakers works out with you the goals for your book and works with you to realise those goals by producing the best product possible that will not only be very sellable to your client base, but will sell you and your expertise allowing you to continue to sell for you when you're no longer in the room and to charge bigger fees than everyone else.

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Printing, Production
and Video

The printing and production of items is obviously outside the standard programme price as we won’t know exactly what items will be needed just yet. So any production cost will be external to my prices.

Print-on-demand books can be ordered 1 book at a time, or 50. The unit cost may be slightly higher than if you ordered 2000+ from a local printer but helps cashflow and there’s no ned for storage as you order as and when you need. Average book price per unit is around £3 to £5 depending on size, page count and order size.

Here are typical prices for some other obvious items that may be needed to promote the brand of the book (all prices plus VAT):

• 500 business cards, full colour, two sided, matt laminated (like mine): £120
• 1000 sheets of headed paper: £195
• 1000 compliment slips: £110
• 500 A6 postcards, 2 sided, colour, matt laminated: £185
• 2m roller banner: £150
• Digitally printed 2-sided A4 sheets: around 80p each, depends on numbers

As part of the process the book will be provided to you as a pdf file as well as the print-ready version. This pdf can be emailed and put as a download on your website. Creating a ‘new age’
e-book, also known as an i-books is a different process. It involves creating an ePub file of the book which allows the user to install it on iPad and Kindle readers where they can change the fonts and sixe of the text. It’s a different process to the layout of the physical book which we
can discuss.

We can help create any elements needed for a promotional video, for example graphics for title sequences for promotional videos or programmes. Everything needs to be branded.
We can edit short films if needed to create video stings. You can see some here:

To promote Rod Sloane’s book:

To promote Richard McCann’s speakers bootcamp:

To promote the Professional Speakers Association:

Testimonials for Ayd Instone's book writing course:


Promo for Ayd Instone's book writing course:

To promote Graham Davies book:

As part of the branding programme, I will create the elements needed to ‘skin’ a website constructed by your choice of web developer if needed, plus the images of the book needed to sell it.


Call Ayd Instone, Creative Director on +44(0)1865 779944 now.


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